Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A list of things I like to be thankful for when it’s raining

1.   It isn’t hot, therefore I can wear tights.

2.   I can wear tights, therefore no thigh rubbing.

3.   No thigh rubbing, therefore no having to discreetly walk like John Wayne into pub loos.

4.   It is socially acceptable to walk along the street in a semi-foetal position with your head down, swatting at obstacles with a spiky umbrella shield. This is generally my preferred method of walking.

5.  You need a hot chocolate! You MUST HAVE a hot chocolate.

6.   Staring out of bus windows with your iPod in takes on a whole other dimension in the rain. You are suddenly the antagonist in a US teen drama. It is the series finale. There is a mournful indie soundtrack. A single tear rolls down your cheek. END CREDITS.


  1. Haha glad I'm not the only one who can see the positives to the English weather :) Hail in May... ehhh why not!

  2. WIth you on this one, Bravo. Bloody love a bit of cold. x

  3. Yes. Yes yes yes. Especially that last one, although if you have some good 'epic journey soundtrack' music on your MP3 you can do that in sunlight. And #4. I love #4.